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Buena Park School District

6885 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, Ca 90620 (714)522-8412

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Mabel L. Pendleton School (K-6)

Principal: Renee Jeffrey

Phone Number: (714) 521-8568

Address: 7101 Stanton Ave

Buena Park, Ca 90621


We, the members of Mabel L. Pendleton School community along with the Buena Park School District community, are dedicated to providing all students with the educational, social and technological skills needed to successfully experience and contribute to the world around them.  We will engage parents and community members as full partners in helping our children develop the abilities to work with others make responsible decisions and continue to learn and grow throughout their lives.  Building on our children’s talents, our small, diverse community will celebrate each child’s growth in a safe, healthy, and information-rich environment.


The members of the Mabel L. Pendleton staff, parents, and community strive to inspire students to be intrinsically motivated to read, write, problem solve, communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, be technologically proficient and become caring, compassionate, productive citizens.  We share a common vision where all students are challenged in a standards-based, academically rigorous program that is balanced with enriched learning opportunities and quality intervention programs.  We work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive and integrated educational experience for all students.  We continue to create a positive, welcoming, safe school environment that promotes and enhances our school motto, “Reaching High is the Answer.”